Foster PARENTS FOR DOGS! Experienced with giving medication!

A dog by the name of Leo came from China and was about to get boiled alive so he can be eaten. Instead, he was rescued and was shipped to America. Because of the incident he has severe burns and is in need of a foster family who can nurture and love him. He is great with any type of family (dogs, cats, children, etc) so long as they are experienced with applying medication. If you are unable to help through foster, please consider donating to us through PayPal or Venmo using so he can get his needed surgery.

Type of help: To foster a rescue dog
Languages spoken: English
What else ...: "When I first got involved in rescue, it was just to foster an animal on a temporary bases because, like many, I had 2 jobs and just didn’t feel I had time to do anything else. Over the course of a few months I became more aware of how inefficient and unjust the system was with regards to animal care and value for life itself. Having seen hundreds of animals euthanized over the course of a few days, at no fault of thier own, I knew I had to do more. So, I began doing research and making time for what was important, saving lives. Now when people tell me, 'Jessica, you cant save the world’, I just respond, 'No, I cant, but I can make a world of difference to those that I help’. " - Jessica M. Baker, Founder Support Includes: 1) Finding temporary homes for animals to prevent them from ending up in a pro-euthanasia shelter 2) Rescue animals from pro-euthanasia shelters 3) Rescue strays 4) Provide health care to the sick
How many travelers can volunteer?: Unlimited
Accommodation suggestions: N/A
Hours expected: TBD
Availability: ASAP
Wish List: N/A
How would you like to volunteer?:
Virtual (you can do it from a computer, home or anywhere)
In Person (you'll go to a physical location)
Cause Category:
Arts & Culture
Emergency & Saftey
Immigrants & Refugees
Sports & Recreation
Faith Based
Computers & Technology
Justice & Legal
Advocacy & Human Rights
Animals & Wild Life
Children & Youth
Health & Medicine
Disaster Relief
Homeless & Housing
Veterans & Military Family
Race & Ethnicity
People with Disabilities
Crisis Support
Education & Life Skills
Length of Time :
Short-Term ( one time or less than a month)
Long Term ( 30 days or more)
Central America
Middle East
South America
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Crafts for Non-Profits
Crafts for Adults & Seniors
Crafts for Communities
Crafts for Kids

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